1633 delicious “cake” recipes

1633 delicious “cake” recipes

A piece of cake, please! We love cakes – they are versatile and an eye-catcher on every coffee table! And which one would you like to have today? Because we simply can’t decide, we have simply put together all our favourite recipes for you here. From classics, such as Black Forest Cherry Cake or Linzer Torte, to unusual creations. There is something for everyone here!

Cake, pie or tart?

Many wonder: what is the difference between a cake and a cake? There are no clear definitions. What is certain is that both cakes and tarts are so-called pastries. Cakes are drier and flatter. You don’t necessarily have to get a filling or a topping and you can also eat well by hand, while a fork is usually required for cakes. Cakes are creamy, filled and consist of one or more layers. This often makes them look impressive. By the way: According to this definition, the ever-popular cheesecake is not a cake at all, but a cake. And what is a tart? It comes from French cuisine. The shortcrust pastry is traditionally baked without sugar and salt. A tart can be both savory and sweet.

Which dough for which cake?

The base of each cake is a sponge cake, short pastry or sponge mix. Sponge cake is whipped with beaten egg white, which gives a loose mixture. Wiener Boden is similar to sponge cake, but is prepared with liquid fat. Shortcrust pastry is a rather firm dough, which becomes nice and crispy when baked. Especially popular is the juicy and fluffy sponge cake. It can be varied in many ways and, thanks to its uncomplicated preparation, it is also suitable for baking beginners.

Tip: If you bake cakes frequently, we recommend that you buy a cake set.

Motif cakes are trendy!

Cover your artwork with a blanket of marzipan or fondant! You can also conjure up great figures and motifs from it. So that fondant can be easily processed, make sure that you do not knead any air into the dough. In addition, it must not become moist, as it consists mainly of sugar and can therefore dissolve quickly. For this reason, fondant is not suitable for cakes where it may come into direct contact with cream, cream, etc. The cake itself should be allowed to set in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour before being coated. Any remaining fondant should be stored airtight and cool – preferably in the refrigerator. There it will keep for several weeks.

A piece for me, a piece for you…

Cakes with a diameter of about 18 cm are best cut into 8 pieces of the same size, cakes with a diameter of 26 cm make 12 pieces. It is best to use a cake cutter or a knife with a smooth, hot blade. This way you will get a clean cut – guaranteed! Granted: Cakes are not low in calories. Depending on the cake, they can be as low as 400 kcal. But they are always worth a sin …