Knit Cardigan Models For All Babies

Knit Cardigan Models For All Babies

You can make our mouse female baby cardigan model alias elephant female cardigan knitting model for girls and boys.

Knit cardigan models are knitting techniques that are made quite a lot in terms of birth gifts or orders.

It is a stylish cardigan model that will know the rat female baby cardigan model among the expectant mothers. You can make our model suitable for 1 year old by increasing the number of loops or with the missing loop.

It will be very useful to have detailed video comments. You can reach different knitting models on our site or just click on the link in our article. Goodbye, hope to be together again in new knitting techniques.

Model making of the female baby wool jacket of the mouse

  • Suitable for 1 year old.
  • 5 wooden buttons
  • 4, 5 Use of ball cables
  • 3.5 number skewers preference,

How it works:

Start with 76 stitches, knit all stitches with the knitting pattern, take the last two stitches without knitting and continue with all stitches with the knitting pattern. Let’s open the buttonhole, knit in the same way and continue without knitting the last two stitches. 7 Let’s weave, we start the model institution of our model. You can make this beautiful cardigan model by watching our video for a detailed explanation. Just let it go now …

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