How to knit pixel blankets?

How to knit pixel blankets?

Obviously we are fascinated by pixel blanket models. It is really patient to knit tiny motifs and combine these squares pixel by pixel. What is a pixel? Let’s say it very briefly first: pixels are tiny units used to display this image in digital displays, for example pictures. In these blankets or cross stitch patterns, you can think of the pixel as any frame in your design. You can create pictures and designs by combining these squares in the color you want, and combining them as puzzles.

Pixel blankets are created with great effort. It takes a long time to produce, but the resulting product is so beautiful that we think it is worth the effort. Our beloved ingenuity, Mrs. Yasemin, makes the best examples of these pixel blankets and throw pillows, and it is up to us to create such a part of her great works. With his permission and contribution, how to knit a pixel blanket, how to knit and combine pixel blanket motifs, you will see with video explanations.

How to knit a pixel blanket?

The motives of the pixel ceiling with the theme Frozen Elsa are 2 cm squares. Through the combination of these squares this wonderful blanket was created. It is not possible not to faint. Mrs. Yasemin usually removes these great patterns from canvas artwork. We think it is possible to make small fibers and pillows with simple patterns and then switch to the blanket. The motifs consist of one row and the fillings are left three times. There are 7 chains drawn and 3 handrails are used for the middle ring and 3 chains in the corners. Needle is used to combine the motifs of the blankets. For example, if the design to be combined after knitting the black design is white, you can consider which colour to combine it with. The designs are combined with a chain from the corners. No matter what colour the design is knitted in, it will be continued and combined with it. The colour difference is not disturbing, because it is combined from the corners.

You need to know how to make crochet chains, frequent needles and handrails. Let us give the videos of how to make them at the end of our article to be complete.

About 3 kg of rope were used for this pixilated Snow White blanket. For single bedspreads 3.5-4 kg of rope were used. The thread used here is Alize Cotton Gold and the crochet hook is 1.5 crochet hook.

How are motives of pixel quilts created? Dear Yasemin, she showed it here with video, it will be very useful. Let us watch:

If you also think of pixel blankets and pixel pillows or throw pillows, you can relax: You can also create these pixel image models with tiny squares by using cross stitch templates. You can draw your design on a piece of paper or print it out. These works can be the size you want, because you actually create square designs and then stitch them together to make a chain. You can finish it in a simple and elegant way with the edge tip. First, we transfer our pattern onto a square sheet of paper or print and enlarge it, as we said, from the computer. We make the designs as we see in the video above. Then we pull it together by pulling on a chain. So we can adjust the size of the motifs as we like.