Amigurumi doll and illustrated annotation

Amigurumi doll and illustrated annotation

Hello. I’m adding a new one to my amigurumi work, for which I have taken a long break.

Required materials:

  • Knitting needle 2.5
  • 1 skin yarn
  • 1 white thread
  • 1 pair 12 mm Amigurumi eyes
  • 1 piece white felt
  • 1 black nylon thread
  • Pearl fibre

When making our baby I often used needle, chain, enlargement and reduction techniques, which are crocheting techniques.
You can start knitting from the desired part. Normally I knit the head first and continue with the other tracks.

You can use a different coloured thread at the beginning of the row as a search thread, so you won’t be surprised which row you are knitting.

The number of repetitions outside the brackets in the recipe indicates how many times the operation should be performed in brackets. The numbers at the end of the row indicate how many needles are added together at this point.

We have to perform the filling operation while we knit the pieces. To do this we have to fill these lines without leaving out the lines that we can easily fill while we are knitting the pieces. When filling the pieces, we must push the fibre inwards and push the fibre towards the edges of the piece and form the pieces.

Before we start knitting amigurumi, let’s see how to start. While I start the amyguri, I first pull two chains and fill the second chain. On the first photos below I have shown you the steps of chain pulling, and on the second one I have added fill and bookmarks to the chain.

Nose plant:

We begin by sewing the head onto the body. But first we have to stitch the nose. After we have found the right place, we fix the nose with a needle and sew it as follows
After the planting is finished, we insert our needle into the nose from below, remove it at any place and cut and hide our thread. You can see how the thread is hidden in the sewing stages of the leg.

The sewing technique for sewing parts together is always the same. First it is fed through the needle of the piece to be sewn and then out of the piece itself.
If you check the photos, you can catch the trick. This way you can achieve an even stitch.

Put your head on the log:

Sew the legs and hide the thread:

When sewing the leg, we must first determine the proper position for the legs. After fixing it with a needle, we have to sew.
After we have sewn both legs, we have to hide the remaining threads by knotting them like in the photo and shortening them.

Sew arms:

When we stitch an arm, we must first hold our baby straight and determine the appropriate arm positions. We have to fix and sew with a needle to make a smooth stitch.