20 things you should know about salad

20 things you should know about salad

Salad has the feature of being an auxiliary dish made by combining vegetables in a fresh way, without cooking, in order to appetite.

In order to make the salad more delicious and always edible, cooked vegetables, meat varieties and even dried and fresh fruits can be used, in addition to raw vegetables. Thus, salads can be presented in different varieties with the added ingredients.

Lettuce, which is one of the first vegetables that come to mind when it is called “salad”, reduces the risk of heart attack with its antioxidant content. Likewise, it contains vitamin C, potassium and fiber sources with folic acid and green granules.

One of the most important features to be considered when buying foliage is the color of the leaves. According to experts, nutritional properties and vitamin amounts are more intense in dark leaves.

Dietitians and doctors recommend consuming two bowls of salads and green vegetables a day for healthy weight control and weight loss.

Salad, which is the main pillar of dietary dishes, can also have serious calories according to its variety. Although it is an innocent meal, it can turn into a serious calorie bomb with the sauces and olive oil added on it.

Health officials state that a good salad should have the same greens and sauce and says, “The sauce should be neither more nor less.”

Attention should also be paid to meat products that add flavor to the flavor of the salad. The use of products, especially boiled or cooked in a skim pan, makes the salad a healthier meal.

The House Cafe officials say that the most preferred salad varieties by their customers are lentil & goat cheese salad and grilled chicken skewer salad.

Careful attention to salad is perhaps the most important cleaning. Authorities emphasize that especially green leaf salads should be kept in a water-filled container, after washing them individually in plenty of water, adding 2-3 tablespoons of salt and a little vinegar. With this method, salad can be freed from germs and served more effectively.

The biggest secret that makes their salads special is that they stay away from ready-washed and packaged greens. He states that the person who makes the salad must be carefully washed and that every ingredient must be selected carefully.

European countries often enriched with various kinds of vegetables and meat salads, show little difference in terms of variety in Turkey. Especially when we look at the traditional structure, salads are consumed with meals and generally salad varieties such as tomato, arugula and curly are preferred.

They say “We prepare and serve with appetizers and then accompany kebabs in the later process of the meal. “The secret of this salad, which we have made special by sticking to its original recipe, is hidden in the magic hands of our masters.”

The fact that the salad is eaten as an hors d’oeuvre or a first meal before meals occurs in the French. According to a rumor, the French, who believed that the salad was “appetizing”, therefore started to consume it before meals.